Annette Yee Steck is a Financial Advisor, Trustee Educator for the California School Boards Association, and served as a Board Trustee for the Carmel Unified School District (CUSD) from 1993 to 2020, where she served as President of the Board numerous times. 

Annette started her public finance career in 1983 and has worked exclusively for school districts since 1996.  She has helped local governments and the State government fund a wide range of public projects, including fire stations, streets, city halls and stadiums. Over the past 25 years, her firm has worked on financings that built new schools, refurbished existing school buildings, funded technology equipment as well as technology infrastructure, purchased portable classrooms, buses and a wide variety of instructional materials. Prior to this she worked as an investment banker underwriting municipal securities.  


In 2004, Annette graduated from the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Masters in Governance Program – a statewide program that teaches Trustees and Superintendents how to more effectively govern their school districts. Upon graduation, she was immediately asked to become a faculty member in the program and has served in this role ever since.  She is also a part of the team that is creating the curriculum for the new County Board of Education training program. Over the past 18 years, the number of trustees she has taught through Masters In Governance is in the thousands.

Over the 27 years that Annette served on the Carmel Unified School District Board of Education, Annette and her colleagues accomplished a great deal, but she is particularly proud of her involvement in the following:

  • Pushing for additional funding and programs for the most vulnerable students, including those living in outlying areas such as Cachagua and Big Sur, those for whom English is a second language, and those coming from households with lower socioeconomic status;

  • Expanding preschool and after school programs, including establishing an infant program, thus helping working parents including teachers;

  • Upgrading high school graduation requirements to match the CSU/UC A-G entrance requirements. This alignment has raised the proportion of graduates who attend four-year colleges from under 35% to over 75%;

  • Focusing on the academic program at the continuation high school. Graduates from that program now attend four year colleges at over three times the rate as they did when she first got on the Board;

  • Focusing on student safety particularly with respect to lowering drug and alcohol use, promoting anti-bullying programs and pushing for a focus on the mental and physical well-being of students and staff;

  • Establishing strong financial practices like setting appropriate minimum reserves that have helped Carmel USD achieve a “AAA” credit rating, the highest rating available and very rare among California school districts;

  • Assisting the district by serving on the facilities and bond committees. Carmel USD made significant building and technology improvements through the passage of two general obligation bond measures and targeted contributions from the district’s general fund.


While serving on the CUSD Board, Annette served as the Carmel USD representative on the Community Human Services Board, a JPA with a governing board of representatives from 15 cities and school districts throughout Monterey County. She was asked to join the Finance Committee and a year later was appointed the chair of that committee. In 1993, the JPA was in dire financial straits. It had a large loan that required repayment, and it was headed for possible insolvency and dissolution. Annette helped the Community Human Services Board create a five year debt repayment plan, and it was able to repay the loan early by making fiscally prudent decisions. When she retired from the CUSD Board in November 2020, she was asked to stay on as chair of that Finance Committee where she continues to serve.


Additionally, Annette has served as the Treasurer of the Monterey County School Boards Association and for the Carmel Valley Boy Scout Troop 127. She also represents the California School Boards Association on the California State Treasurer’s Office Elected Officials Training Committee which creates educational materials for elected officials, including school board members.

Annette has a bachelor’s degree in business economics and economics systems science from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she graduated magna cum laude. Annette lives in Carmel with her husband Loren, who has served on the Board of Monterey Peninsula College since 2003.  They have a grown son who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.